Spock Update V0.5

2 min readNov 26, 2022

This week in our weekly update we have fixed some old issues and brought in some new features. What are they? let’s find out.

What’s new?

  • Spock Analytics is now available in 3 packages:
Pricing for Spock
  • Payments can be made by PayPal accounts.
  • A new feature “DApp Activity Time” is added to help identify the peak time when new wallets are connected on your dApp.
  • A filter of “Active Wallets” and “Dropped Wallets” was added to the Wallets Connected database.

What’s improved?

  • Alert Notifications are now part of the main dashboard.
  • The Conversion Rate Graph now shows the day-to-day conversion of the wallet journey.

What’s coming?

  • Historical data will now be available, meaning you will able to see the data since the day your dApp was built.
  • You would be able to view the churn rate in daily highlights.
  • Wallet details filtration would be improved.
  • New filters will be added to view the data better.

Spock needs your feedback to improve more. Visit spockanalytics.xyz and use our free interactable demo and provide us with your feedback at hello@spockanalytics.xyz.