Spock Search — A Wallet Search Engine

The vision of Spock is to facilitate Web3 companies to make sense of on-chain data. Spock is a wallet analytics platform to provide DAOs and protocols with the metrics they need to target, understand and grow their user base. Spock provides the core technology to kickstart the data revolution in the Web3 industry.

Today we announce that we have started working on a novel wallet search engine that allows you to analyze the on-chain activity of wallets.

Some use cases of Spock Search:

  1. Optimize your token airdrop to addresses that have a good reputation for contributing to DAOs.

Look for labels such as Explorer, Builder, and Conservative investor.

  1. You are launching a new DEX and want LPs from other DEXs to provide liquidity.


Read in detail about Spock Search in the litepaper



Web3’s First Wallet Analytics Platform

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