Spock Analytics - The First Bull Run | Newsletter Issue # 1

2 min readMar 31, 2023

gm fam☀️

Spock has been crushing it this month with lots of updates and new features! We hope you’re all ears ’cause we’ve got some exciting stuff to spill👂🥂

New & Improved Spock:

We’ve rebranded with a fresh new look that’s got us all feeling WAGMI. Here is an evidence which ensures a fair and reliable comparison of our coolness using a reputable system😉

Disclaimer: Haters might say it’s Photoshopped🤫

In addition to the rebranding, we have introduced big solutions to your small attention span by improving our user experience and squashed some bugs too🐛

ETH Dubai Diaries:

And guess who was Gold Sponsor of ETH Dubai Conference?

if (Spock Analytics) {
else {

We were too lazy to run the code. Try it yourself to find if you answered right🧠💯 Speaking of ETH Dubai, we also managed to host a workshop on “Make Better Sense of Your DApp Data” and looks like our audience loved it! 😏

New Login Methods:

But that’s not all! We’ve introduced new login methods including Twitter, Gmail, Web3 Wallets and Magic link (the futuristic way to log in password free). Be sure to try them out at spockanalytics.xyz 🙌🔮

Spread awareness

We’ve also published two articles this month as we believe that education is an important part of our mission and we are committed to sharing our knowledge with the community. Check out our hot takes on “Unifying On-Chain and Off-Chain Data” and “Web3 Analytics”. You won’t regret it!🥵

Introduced Spock Search:

Last but not least, our team has been working tirelessly on our latest addition to the ecosystem, Spock Search — a growth engine based on GPT4 that converts non-coding queries to SQL using AI and it’s got us all saying LFG! We’re pumped for what’s to come🥳🚀


  • Rebranded
  • Fixed Bugs
  • ETH Dubai’s Gold Sponsor
  • Hosted Workshop
  • Introduced New Login Methods
  • Published Articles
  • Announced Spock Search