Revamping Spock: The Story Behind Our Rebranding

2 min readFeb 27, 2023
Redefining Spock Analytics | Cover Photo of Medium explaining about how rebranding took place for Spock

Spock Analytics allows you to accelerate your dApps’ growth by providing valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. We are excited to share that as a part of our revamp strategy, we are rebranding Spock by introducing a new logo, updated website, and enhanced app.

We chose to do so because, initially we began with the idea of Spock and focused solely on developing it without the distraction of branding, onboarding experience, and goodwill. Our aim was to test the product in the market, onboard users, and gather feedback to improve it. Now, after successfully reaching a stage where we can present Spock as a unique identity, we have decided to undertake a rebranding effort.

The new logo of Spock has a modern feel. The typography reflects a cutting-edge product which will revolutionize the way we make use of the Web3 data. If you look closely, you can see the logomark (letter O in the whole logo) consists of:

  • A donut chart (showing data analytics)
  • A forward heading arrow (showing dApps’ growth)
  • A data stream of blocks (pushing the growth forward)

Being a Web3 data analytics company, we realized that our existing brand identity needed to truly reflect our goals, values, culture, and expertise. Therefore we decided to align it better with our actual personality through rebranding.

By employing these tactics and enhancing the UX of our app and website we have made it incredibly user-friendly to the extent that anyone can go through it.

Feel free to experience our updated website by visiting